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The Akshara Theatre is powered by a unique creative team engaged in the field of theatre and television in India.


Its focal points are Gopal Sharman: playwright, poet, musician, theatre and television director, his wife Jalabala Vaidya: actress, director and writer and their daughter: Anasuya Vaidya, theatre and television producer.

Additionally a superbly talented group of actors, musicians and craftsmen make up the Akshara team. 

Gopal Sharman and Jalabala Vaidya, have been recipients of various awards and honours such as the Sangeet Natak Akademi’s Tagore Award, the Homi Bhabha Fellowship Award, the Delhi Natya Sangh Award, Andhra Pradesh Natya Akademi Honour, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Honour, etc.. They were also made Honorary Citizens of the City of Baltimore, in the U.S.A., when they played there.

Anasuya Vaidya




Governing Council 

Nisa Shetty

Artist; actor, dancer and musician



Governing Council

Dhruv Shetty

Artist; actor and musician

Governing Council

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