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"The Ramayana" -The play in four acts

By Gopal Sharman

"India's Gift to Broadway" - The New York Times

The Ramayana  was originally performed by the celebrated actress Jalabala Vaidya as a one-woman performance, on Broadway, London’s West End, United Nations Headquarters, National Theatres of Europe, Canada, as far as the Fiji Islands, as well as in 35 Indian cities and towns: from Mumbai (NCPA) to Manipal, Kolkata to Jammu, Delhi to Calicut -- to packed houses, rave reviews and standing ovations worldwide – creating dramatic history.

Filigree In Sound
Form and content in Indian Music
By Gopal Sharman

This explanation of the theory and practice of the classical music of the north of India - which is what most Westerners mean by "Indian music" - tells the reader how to approach that music in the most fruitful way. Includes 'A Discussion with world famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin'. 

Ganapati Vandana - Gopal Sharman
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Akshara Films

A short film based on the heartwarming journey and many hardships of the Akshara Theatre

Made by Jaskunwar Kohli and Yuvraj Francis