akshara theatre


The Akshara offers 4 spaces for bookings and rentals to all theatre groups and organizations

for various events and functions*. 

For booking rates and other such details please call (+91) 01123361075 or

(+91) 9910272540 or send in your details to bookings.akshara@gmail.com



The Indoor Katha Theatre


"The theatre is built like a musical instrument" says Gopal Sharman who has carefully handcrafted every cornice and carving with over 5 different kinds of wood in this theatre, "...you dont even need to use a mic" he adds as he talks about the impeccable acoustics of this beautiful theatre. 


Seats: 96

Fully airconditioned

Full lighting and playback sound available


Stage specs:

Depth: 18.6ft

Width: 18ft

Height: 16ft



The Pipal Tree Theatre


Surrounded by the beauty of Pipal and Jamun Trees, this outdoor amphitheatre has been crafted in pink sandstone by Gopal Sharman and is adorned by the numerous stone carvings he has created over the years.


Seats: 320

Basic lights available



Front stage width: 32ft

Depth: 29.7ft

Rear stage width: 27ft


The Angana 


The Akshara lawn, lavished by Pipal, Ashoka and Champa trees is a wonderful space for performances and festivals.


Area: 40 x 70 (metres) approx.

* conditions are applicable to the type of event.